We are making a new community

Together we can build a new relationship between users and devs for greater good
Bob: the user

He needs that app that you can build

Bob likes technology, has a wereable and test new mobiles apps everyday. He spend to much time with his notebook and his mobile, and think that every information-related problem can be solved with a new app.

Alice: the dev

She can build that app you need

Alice like building apps for fun and learn. She had learn html, css and javascript after high-school and did her first app (a todo list) with few things she read about a new web technology.

The current deadlock


Bob wont pay anything before using a solution

He even hate apps with ads


Alice wont pay for a backend

She doesnt have a credit card


Bob needs a To Do List

He needs this app to save the world

Solve this using the user space

The user space (like the Bob have) has resources available to use with apps (like the Alice did). UserSpace its like your mobile or laptop for running apps but in the cloud


Alice needs a easy way to store information

She is willing to tests new tech through some tutorial


Bob rents a piece of cloud with UserSpace (think DropBox)

Starting with a free tier, Bob add resources (like storage) to the UserSpace for running any apps that he has


Alice use UserSpace like a backend as a service (think Firebase)

She just need to call public API of well known OpenSource projects like Parse


Bob use his UserSpace with Alice's apps

Any time Bob goes to Alice single webpage application he authenticate into UserSpace


UserSpace shares Bob's fee with Alice

This way, Alice receive a reward for her work and Bob can try multiple apps an use the best fit for him

Alice: ninja level

She can build full stack apps without headache

I want to Build

Bob: app taster

He can reach out a new set of free apps

I want to Subscribe

Build applications and use as your backend

Applications backed by User Space will scale directly with any new user, with excellent response time and without ever touching any server file.

Forget about backend

We give you the endpoints ready out-of-the-box, you just worry about what you need to save and how you will get it


Integrated Login

The easiest and secured way. Keep focus in your application strengths and leave common problems to the experts

Start in seconds... literally

Convert a single-page-application into a full-stack one with a few lines of code. Take a look

Build solutions with no money

Host your webapp with github pages or bitbucket pages and let us handle the backend

Build apps using the right technology

With user.space you will have these services ready to be used.

No strings attached: every service is open-source and without modification so you can switch to your own setup whenever you need.



  • CRUDs operations
  • Extensive integration with any lang
  • Live queries
  • Push notifications
More information


  • (Near) Real-time search
  • Document oriented
  • Fast indexing
More information


  • Bidirectional event communication
  • Real-time messaging
  • Binary streaming
More information


  • CRUD operations
  • Offline ready
  • CouchDB backed
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  • Run any code
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Frequently Asked Questions

Think User Space as the local hard drive of the user when you build a desktop application or the SD storage when you build a mobile one.


How are resources located?

Every user of your application has a set of resources (like database api and search api) that you will use and will available after the user has logged in into your application using user space procedure. She or he will be able to manage all the data at my.user.space


How are database chosen?

Every time that the user logs in he/she get a key that your app will use to access the user space. There you will find all the services that your app will ever need. For every combination of application and user we hold an isolated instance of services, so it wont intefere with another app.


Explain that again... how can it be free?

You can deploy your site at github pages and bitbucket pages, use it locally or . Point all your backend to user space and let it wait for the user to use your app. Every user that use your application is powering up your full-stack webapp.


What do I need to know to use it? Its there an API?

Right know we are providing a simple Parse API, you can check the documentation here but in the future we plan to set up a vast set of different solution for your pleasure. Here Parse will provide you with the most complete API rest for doing CRUD operations.


How much pain its going to take to see some results?

None! and thats the best part. You copy-paste the login procedure (3 lines of vanilla javascript) in the begining of your single page application, point any request to the gateway of user space and publish your app in any place you like. Check out this example, we converted the famous site todomvc and converted the angular example into a full stack ToDo list. You are welcome.

Open Source ready

Do I need a API token? Or a Secret token?

Enough of non-sense, no secrets needed here. And that's will enable the most usefull kind of apps: the open source ones! Since you don't need to hide any secret all the code of your app can be hosted as open source, and will allow any one who loved your app to forkit, improve it and share new ideas with you.


What kind of rule I need to follow?

We encourge you to build open source apps and relay in user space to hold your back, but you can choose a mixed path and just store personal information of the user


Can I get my game backed?

Off course! Web or mobile games, any game can hold the user information in the user space. Feel free to contact us for more information. We have ported the great game Pixel Dungeon made by watabou and its all open sourced in our repos.

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